exporting stems

Hi, I recorded a band the other day in ardour on AV Linux and have a 2 hour session (live recording) that they want to mix in cubase on their PC. Is there a way to export the stems, short of doing 13 separate exports? For example, in reaper, I think it says “export tracks to stems” or something like that. I thought that “export range to multiple audio files” with the tracks I needed as stems would have done it but apparently not. The mixbus manual says it can export stems but doesn’t indicate how. This would be a really handy feature if it does not exist, saving a ton of time. Thanks!

In Ardour2 and Mixbus, it requires multiple exports.

In Ardour3 this has already been implemented I believe.


PS It is “Export Ranges to multiple audiofiles” So you can define multiple ranges and have them export one at a time, however that is different from what you are looking for obviously.

Ok, cool, so this is coming in ardour 3 then. I haven’t been recording other people for a while due to grad school, so exporting stems is not something I have had to do. I am doing the multiple exports right now in the background. Luckily it is only 12 tracks. And the export to stems I mentioned was in reaper, sorry if that wasn’t clear.