Exporting regions with timestamp

I need to export many tracks to pro tools. Each of these tracks contains many regions at precise timestamps, they’re drum tracks that I cut, fixed and quantized in Ardour, so I have many small regions.
I need to export them to Pro Tools but I would like to keep the regions separated instead of doing a stem export because I may need to do some fixes to region positions, etc.
Is there a way to do this? I tried BWF export of the single regions by using ranges but it seem to place every region at timestamp zero.


I’ve just tested reimporting an exported BWAV in Ardour and when choosing “insert at:” “file timestamp” in the import dialog, the file is placed at the right location, proof that the timestamp information is indeed recorded in the BWAV file.

Maybe something you didn’t check in protools ?

Here is my porcess (probably yours too) :

  1. Select all the regions (right click in the track > Select > Select all in track)
  2. Region > Range > Add Range marker per region
  3. Session > Export > Export to audio file(s), then in ‘Time Span’ “Select all”, in ‘Channels’, only the track I want


Hi Edouard,
Thanks for your answer, I did a test from Ardour to Ardour and it works good, I think I need to figure out how to import in pro tools correctly…