Exporting ranges in Windows

I recently started using Ardour on Windows, having some experience on Linux. But I encountered some problem exporting multiple ranges of a record: after exporting the first range, Ardour freezes. With log window open sometimes I can read an error about transport. I can replicate this problem despite plugins runnin, extension of exported files, number of tracks…
Anyone can confirm this behavior? My version is 6.9, 64 bit on Windows 10.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve had the same freezing issue on Linux using JACK, I switched ALSA and was able to export. Are you able to change your audio driver on Windows to see if that helps?

Yes, I switched to ASIO and nothing changed.

That is/was a bug in JACK. It is likely not relevant on Windows.

@Claudioc7 what format are you exporting? .wav, mp3, flac?

Perhaps try simple wav (no metadata).

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Hi Robin, after little investigation: I can recreate the freezing with mp3 and LUFS normalization (despite metadata). With export to wav (with or without metadata and normalization) it works fine.

Sorry, I was wrong, Ardour’s freezing seems related more to normalization than to the file type. If normalization is not selected I can export all ranges to mp3.
I don’t know if it’s useful or error related, but log window report this kind of error:
2021-11-03T19:20:11 [ERROR]: Session: cannot have two events of type TransportStateChange at the same sample (12883358).
I don’t know how to collect other info about this problem.

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