Exporting Problem - File exports as document, not .wav file

Hello. I downloaded Ardour last week (running OSX Tiger) and have been greatly enjoying it. However, I have run into a little problem and am wondering how to work around/solve it.

I exported several pieces of music over the weekend and everything was going smoothly. In order to free up some disk space, I moved the folders to my external drive. Today, I dragged one folder back to the desktop, opened it, edited the audio a bit and exported the new mix. However, this time, it saved not as a .wav file, but as a document. I worked on a second piece of music, saved it, exported it and this second piece as well exported not as an audio file, but as a document.

Does anyone know why this happened and how I can get around this problem? Perhaps the solution is easy. Please assist if you have time.

Thank you.

Try to add “.wav” at the end of the filename. (If you exported as wav)
I have to do that with the files I exported.

did you check “show all file extensions” in the ‘Finder Preferences’
under ‘Advanced’?

Thank you for your advice. I simply changed the extension to .wav and the problem is solved. Wonderful.