Exporting multiple tracks

Is it possible with Ardour/Ardour2 to export all the tracks as individual .wavs without going through and separately soloing and exporting each one? If not then it would be an awesome feature. The solo technique take so long.

Keep up the good Ardour work.




In the export dialog, you can select which tracks/buses to export. To export individual tracks, just select the appropriate outputs to export (and make sure the master isn’t marked for export).

Thanks for that, but what I’m talking about is more that I want to export each track to it’s own .wav at once. EG. Bass drum to it’s own bass drum track, snare to it’s own snare track etc.



for this feature to be really usefull you would need to put silence up to 0sec of the project for every file/track.
That way, if you export for editing on a foreign DAW system, say, sonar or pro tools or logic, or whatever, you could sync the files back up again really quickly.
just a thought.

I know it is a bad idea to revive old threads, but I ran into exactly this situation…

Many things have changed and improved since Sep '06. Is it still not possible to do this? A nifty plugin, maybe?

Things are very different. Just start with Session > Export

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Further information : https://manual.ardour.org/working-with-sessions/interchange-with-other-daws/stem-exports/


Ah, that is what Stem Export so for… Great!

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