Exporting Midi - notes cut out

I have finally managed to persuade Ardour, Jack and LinuxSampler to play nicely with my USB keyboard, which has taken ages, but it’s sounding great now. The only problem is that when I take my brief composition and try to export it, the export doesn’t sound at all like the playback I hear from Ardour.

The main problem seems to be that one instrument, a sustained violin sound which is being played through LinuxSampler as a .sfz soundfont is simply cutting out half way through the note on the exported version. I can’t see anything in the midi data to indicate why this would be happening and as I said, it sounds perfect on regular playback, it’s only when I export it that this clipping seems to occur.

Any ideas how I can get an export that sounds the same as what I’m hearing on regular playback?

I should maybe add that this is Ardour 4.1 on Mint, although I don’t know whether that makes a huge difference.

Playing around with it a little more I would guess that maybe the notes cut out when they get too loud? But the export seems to be doing some kind of mastering to ensure that everything is loud as possible and when the notes that are the loudest part of the track seem to be the ones that get cut out.

Please file a bug report on tracker.ardour.org and attach a sample session (archived as a compressed tar file) so that we can debug this.


As a workaround for now you can use a program called Jack Capture which will capture whatever is coming out of the outputs of JACK into a wav file…That way whatever you’re hearing out of Ardour with your violin sound should get accurately captured by Jack Capture until it’s fixed…

Secondly unless you are using a compressor or limiter on your master bus Ardour will do nothing to ‘make it louder’ other than normalize the wav file which would not cause instruments to cut out from clipping or the channel volume being too loud…

Thanks for the tip GMaq, I’ll use that if I get the project to that point - it sounds great when it’s on regular playback. I’ll submit the bug report now.

Hmmm… embarrassingly I don’t seem to be able to sign up for the bug tracking system- it accepts my details but I never get emailed a password.