Exporting...I'm confused.

All right, so I have my project all recorded and mixed how I like it. What I have is one session, which contains three individual “sections” that will eventually be tracks on the CD. I have not a clue how I should be exporting this, though. I see I can use ranges, but I’m not quite sure how this works. The manual is not much help, either. Basically I just need to know the proper procedure for exporting wav files from segments of the session; so all the automation, effects, and tracks from that segment are exported. Help please?


  • define ranges for your three sections, rename them the way you want
  • export ranges

That’s all you need.
BUT! if I remember well, range export may freeze ardour. I don’t know if it has been fixed. I got some pretty annoying freezes a few months ago when I was ripping old LPs. I had to work around this problem by moving the start and end markers one range after the other and exporting the session each time I relocated these markers. Time consuming but it works …

-Speaking of ripping LPs–

I went on a binge of that a while back. I still get very good service out of the (now)old Gramofile program. http://www.opensourcepartners.nl/~costar/gramofile/ It’s ripping is pretty primitive, but it’s auto-split stuff works like a charm. It has some click 'n pop processing, but it’s probably not as good as more modern algorithms. Rip with something else, and run the resulting .wav through it for overall good LP processing.