Exporting an mp3 for a podcast

Until now I’ve been exporting a .wav from ardour then opening it up in audacity and doing noise reduction, compressor, and loudness normallisation then exporting as an .mp3


  • this seems a bit roundabout
  • ardour now supports exporting .mp3
  • audacity is now apparently spyware…

So I just tried exporting an .mp3 from ardour, but …it came out weird…loudness seemed off, there was clipping (even tho it sounded fine while editing) and (weirdly) my 23min podcast episode came out at 34mins but wouldn’t play the last bit (in my system audio player).

can anyone suggest what would be some sensible settings for exporting to .mp3?


Did you, by any chance export to a different sample rate than your project was? Like 44100Hz WAV to 48000Hz MP3? Also, what platform, preset and codec (LAME, ffmpeg, …)?
I usually just export WAV or FLAC with all the loudness and mix down stuff done and then drop the hole thing in Lamedrop (Win) or audioconverter (Linux) to get compressed formats because I got presets there for tagging and output directory that fit my workflow but actually if your export is OK in one format it should just sound the same in another - unless you’ve got some unlucky parameters set like resampling. I remember the latter giving similarly strange results in Audacity which has a much simpler output chain than Ardour.

hey thanks for the reply, I’m dealing with an avalanche of other (mostly computer…) issues right now so I’m going to use my audacity workflow for a little while (it works…) but will come back to this in a couple of weeks.

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