Exporting a sh*tload of regions from single track

Hi folks,
As said: I’ve got a few tens of short regions (there’ll be more!), all in one track, which I’d like to export as separate files. Is there a clever way to do this other than marking ranges and exporting them one by one?

Thank you in advance!

Maybe answering to a part my question: rightclick on the region and picking ‘Export…’ is kind of a method, but still there’s a sh*tload of them, plus there’s no way to export them using plugins on the Master bus (i.e. limiter or whatever). Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Assuming that the regions don’t overlap in time, how about:

  1. Select all the regions you want to export
  2. 'Selected Regions' -> 'Ranges' -> 'Add Range Marker Per Region'
  3. Export, and choose the ranges you just added in the 'Time Span' tab
Of course, if you move any of the regions afterwards, you'll have to remember to move or re-create the range markers too.

Isn’t there a more easy way? Would be very handy for movie audio like VO/ADR.

It took me some time, I didn’t have access to computer during the weekend wink.
In Ardour 4.6 it’s possible to do as follows:

  • File>Stem export..., then check specific channel (a track), check marked time ranges and hit export; Ardour exports as many files as there are ranges marked, with processing working on that track, but you can't pick the master bus as an output channel.
  • File>Export to audio file(s)... allows to check ranges and pick a master bus as an output channel, but the program can't perform it due to an error. Could it be a bug or is it just me and my ignorance? :)

    Edit: I can’t evoke the error, everything works just fine now. It seems it was just my ignorance, great. File>Export to audio file(s) allows to export tons of regions via master bus, but all you have to remember is to mute all other tracks or solo the one you want to use of course.

    So, @colinf, thank you so much for the ‘Add range per region’ tip, it’s very useful in such occasion and it seems it’s the only fast way to do this.

    One more thing: if you want to maintain the order in files, you have to keep naming regions in a specific manner, i.e. voc1, voc2 and so on; it’s because the range markers are named automatically after their names and eventually the markers’ names are what is used in the very names of exported files. Right? :stuck_out_tongue: I hope my poor English is readable.