Exporting a Session to multiple files (split into songs)

ive just spent that last 4 hours working on a live multitrack recording with 14 tracks (full band) and now i want to split it into tracks. so i have created location makrers and also cd markers, but i cant seem to get it to export into multiple files, not really sure what im donig wrong and have searched the last half hour and tried lots of things.

I dont want a toc or cue file to make it into a cd with multiple tracks, as i want the files as seperate wav’s for each song which is marked with location markers in ardour so i can pick and choose files as need be for whatever.

My brains melted with the hours of adding plugins all over the place and having to use splitters to get things working :confused: so sorry if this is somewhere obvious but i have even looked at the manual about exporting and i cant find much except about cd’s and redbook etc

I would recommend you take a look at the location dialog in the future, which allows you to create ranges and make them match markers fairly easily, much less time consuming than doing it via drag and drop. Essentially you can get the playhead to jump to any marker or range marker, then get any range marker to jump to the playhead, rinse and repeat.


Accuracy isn’t that important. If you accidentally grab a little of the earlier track, and a little of the following track, you can just fix that by adjusting the regions when you import each song into ardour to actually mix them.


I think you misunderstood, my reading was that they ALREADY mixed them in Ardour and were looking to export them as multiple finished tracks. In which case accuracy would obviously be fairly important:)


Oh, that could be. But the better solution (for me anyway) would have been to import the whole session before mix, into the ardour, export the regions into songs, THEN mix.

But if he has stereo wave files, he can just use Audacity or something to trim the ends.

for the record, i agree with veda_sticks. but the function he wants is tricky to implement in a friendly way, because it requires that the user has NO markers for any other purpose. CD markers would be a better choice for this, really, or it requires that the user has to select each range to export from many, many different possibilities.

there’s no reason for doing any extra work outside of ardour.

there's no reason for doing any extra work outside of ardour.


Not even if I WANT TO?!?!?!??!!? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replys i eventually figured out you have to right click to create a range, and painfully spent ages going through everything again using ranges.

So ive managed to do it, but it could be so much simpler if ardour would simply take the marker points as split points. having to right click and drag a range is a pain on long tracks where accuracy is important. for instance you have a song then there is space where talking or tunning etc and you want your songs split so its getting just the song and then you can have all the shite in a seperate track. being able to just right click and add location marker is much easier than right clicking and dragging.

so you then have to add location markers, then go back and do right click and drag to set the regions.

Im using ardour 2 have not yet got into ardour 3 yet as i have everything up and running and mostly working.

ive got it exported to multiple tracks. and for helping i will post a link to 1 of the tracks to see what i have been doing in ardour.

While I believe CD Markers will work, officially you need to use Ranges. Right click and drag on the RANGE timeline, you may need ot make it visible first depending on the defaults.


note that this substantially different in ardour3 and ardour2. seablade has assumed (rightly so) that you are using ardour2.

Think i have messed something up, as i already had all the range markers there, ive managed to get 3 tracks but of very small sizes. :confused: When you say creat ranges, that is just adding a cd marker? As i have done this and have around 20 cd markers which has split the live recording into songs and “chat”

Create Ranges for each Track (CD Markers will likely work IIRC, but may not). Then Session>Export>Export Ranges to Mulitple Audiofiles.

This will do what you want, it is a functionality I used extensively for a long time in fact.


This is a fairly old thread. I’have the same issue. A live recording with 16 tracks should be splitted in pieces. Is there no easier way with the newest ardour version? When I’m importing the tracks I’m loosing the track names. Thanks & best regards

@xherbie: it is far from clear what you’re asking about.

Sorry, it is my bad english. I’m asking for a better workflow. I have a live recording with 16 tracks (1 1/2 hour) and I’m searching an easy way to extract/split the songs in new ardour sessions per song. I was trying the stem export of a range but when I’m importing the stem export in a new ardour session I have to rename all tracks to have proper names and the order of the imported tracks is wrong when I import all tracks in one time. So I was searching for an easier way :wink: Hope it is clear now

xherbie: I do this with snapshots. Cut out the relevant part, delete everything else, take a snapshot. Hit undo a few times, repeat for each song.

and these days, “Save As” for entirely separate sessions …

Could one write a Lua script for this to automate?

Thank you very much. Snapshots are working for me.