Exporting a MIDI file with a certain BPM

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in Ardour I export (right click, “export”) the MIDI file of a MIDI track.
Tempo in Ardour is set to 140 BPM.
However the exported file plays at 120 BPM. Why?
How can I export the MIDI file with the same BPM set in Ardour?
[Ardour 8.1 on Linux]

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You can’t. It’s a long requested feature but at present Ardour does not place tempo information in the standard MIDI files it exports.

This is not because it is hard to do - on the contrary the problem is that Ardour can easily have a tempo map that can’t be sensibly represented in an SMF tempo block. So we need to decide what the “complexity threshold” is (how many tempo changes, what kinds of tempo changes, presence of BBT markers etc) before we refuse to write anything. And then we can write something :smile:

Would there be potential to have a tempo selection option in the export dialogue so that the user could select a fixed tempo for the export?

At least until the option to have Ardour export the full timeline tempo becomes a feature.



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Or perhaps as a simple interim solution a lua script which can add a tempo declaration to an existing MIDI file.

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