Export video - specific range

First off, I’ve got to say how much I love Ardour! I’m a longtime Mac user, even spent some time teaching Logic to graduate film composers… I’m also a big linux fan, so when I heard about Ardour 3 and midi, I booted up to linux and immediately loved it. When I can get Jack to work with my RME Fireface 400, it’s great.

Thanks for creating something so awesome!

I’m working on a film project, and the video import seems to work just fine (and the combination of ranges and markers is PERFECT for plotting out in and out points and cues). I freaking love the “export audio” by range option- so convenient.

However, I haven’t figured out how to export audio to movie but only a range, not the whole video. In other words, I have a 90 second cue in the middle of a movie, and I want to create a video file with only those 90 seconds.

Is this possible?

I figure if it isn’t, I could just bounce the whole film and cut it down with some other useful linux program, but it seems inefficient and wasteful of disk space…

The session > export > export video… dialog currently only has two options: complete video and session-start to session-end.

You could set the session-start and session-end markers to the range that want to export…

Note that the Videotimeline is in its early stages and far from done.
Adding an “export video range” feature is a very good idea. It will likely show up in some future version.

Ardour-3.5 (which is about to be released) includes an export-video-range feature.

Select a range, right-click it, export video-range (at the bottom).
Alternatively one can also just select a range, and use session > export > export to video-file and choose “Selected range”.

For future reference, feature-requests are more appropriate to be filed in the issue-tracker over at http://tracker.ardour.org/ than in the forum here.