Export tracks as NFTs on the Blockchain

Last days I am searching about NFTs and I was working with Mintbase to create my own NFTs for fan.
Creating a NFT in music is really useful in some cases because you can secure that this track is yours and prove it, you can sell the track to other people and even use it as collateral for a loan.
Also, it is a good way to support artists because all the money goes directly to them.

I am really interested to see if it is possible to create a plugin on ardour that could publish a NFT on the blockchain,
I have all the knowledge on how to create the NFTs and how to build it but I do not know how to implement them on Ardour.

So my question is are the community interested on this type of functionality?

Can someone that has some experience on the developing of Ardour help me to understand how something like this can happen?

For example, can I do API calls from Ardour?

Thank you for your time!

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This is fascinating. We already have the “Insert random noise bursts” option on export so you could argue that this feels like a related step. However, for the sales part we already have ISRC codes. Also, adding the hashed version of a hi-res final stereo mix or even zip of the project folder to an online blockchain service like OriginStamp would accomplish proof of origin. The combo of ISRC code receipt and blockchain hash would probably stand up in court if needed unless they force you to explain your composition process and associated development of musical ideas (see Whiter Shade of Pale) :wink: Further, don’t forget standard/traditional copyright procedures for all things music-related. As for the loan part I have no clue about that other than a quick google search which seems to say it is possible.

I’m assuming it costs a fraction of a bitcoin to upload NFTs to the chain so who would support that? Also, isn’t the point of NFTs to represent something unique? If so, are you only planning on having a single copy of your music in circulation? Surely you want to sell as much of your music as possible across many sites and formats? :wink: I may have misunderstood this part…

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This post lead me to search for Google what it was about and I stumbled into a development in music industry I was not aware of: Distributing music on a platform that uses blockchain to track usage and pay creators for it. I think this might get big in the future. At the moment it looks like any new market with dozens of newcomers and in a few years those have consolidated into only a couple of big companies offering this service.

What an interesting thing, thanks for bringing this up.

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The eventual goal is to add https://github.com/swesterfeld/audiowmark – The problem there is that we will also have to provide an easy to use GUI to extract the watermark again.

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Very nice indeed. So this would allow proof of ownership while being able to use in tandem with Bandcamp etc even if the files are converted to 128kbps lossy files.

@bachstudies Take a look at this song for example.
There is a creator that is collaborating with a record label and they create a song and they say that for now we will sell this one song to supporters.

@mhartzel Check out this articles they will blow your mind!

NFTs have a lot of usecases one of them is the WHALE project that use art NFTs to back their currency and they seem to doing really good


So, again, on that site they are referring to unique pieces of art etc. An MP3 of a song isn’t unique if you plan on many people owning a copy, right? It’s not like a unique (i.e. one of a kind) piece of art by an artist living or dead. That’s where I’m confused. I get that blockchain is being used to track music etc (as @mhartzel elaborated with the link) but I’m failing to see the NFT part being useful. What am I missing?


I get your point and you are correct but imagine that you can split the rights of the song with multiple people.

Here you can take a look at what the community is trying to create https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/NFT-Hack-ideas-list-brainstorming--A8Rz8LCExc2iQcQhtiG_6zjZAg-JBpiiwT9TcMOtY5PSIR5H

This is an experimental space so the possibilities are huge!

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