Export to MP3 or M4A?

How can I export to either mp3 or m4a formats?

You currently (Ardour 5.12) cannot. You have to export .wav or .aiff and then transode the file using some other tool.

Upcoming Ardour6 will allow to export directly to an mp3 via Session > Export.

Ok, thanks. When do you expect Ardour6 to be released?

Soon. (Discourse wants 20 characters)

In secret Robin and I have just been increasing the minimum character count to screw with Paul on the forums…


You could add a post-export command to export the file also in mp3 for example.
Just write this in the export-format editor, where it says about “post-export command to run”:

lame %f -b 320

This would be something like this:

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This assumes that you have lame installed, which is not trivial on MacOS.

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According to this post you should have the afconvert option, presuming it can handle a wav file as input and not just an aiff one.

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