Export to lossless looses FX on Master Bus

I can’t seem to get the FX I applied on the master bus to come over when I export the tracks. I have no idea why. I’m happy to link my project to a dropbox if it helps you to understand my arrangement.

Did you export the output of the master bus? Or did you export the individual tracks?

I was attempting to export individual tracks. I did this by soloing the track I wanted to export and selecting the audio region in that track > Export…

How to export the output of the master bus (if that’s what I need to do)?

In the menu at the top of the screen…

Session>Export>Export to Audio File

What you did would bypass all effects on anything the track is routed to as it would export the output of the track itself.


Thank-you so much seablade - I was about to go to sea over this one. Really can’t thank you enough!