Export stems issues

I experience these issues when trying to export stems from Ardour 3.5.357:

  1. Export throws an error when it reaches the end of the session.

Error: “Exported ended unexpectedly: Exception thrown by AudioGrapher::SilenceTrimmer: process() after reaching end of input”

  1. A bunch of files are present, with the expected filenames, but not with the expected content.


I usually have an ambiance buss. Testing on multiple sessions, stem export exports silence on this buss even though this buss is observably not silent during session playback.

Drum compressor buss exports but doesn’t seem to have been exported with the compressor effect. Instead, I hear dry drums on this stem.

Vocal reverb buss exports but consists of dry vocals, not vocal reverb.

I’m pretty sure the point of stem exports is to include any effects and processing on that buss, especially if the entire point of that buss is the effect. So these dry exports are no good.

  1. Ardour/JACK doesn’t throw an error, but instead throws an xrun and quits unexpectedly. Sometimes issue #1 happens and sometimes issue #3 happens. Flip a coin.

Are there issues with stem export? Should I wait for an update where these issues are known and expected to be resolved?

I have searched for this issue, and none of the suggested culprits apply. I don’t normalize. I don’t trim or add silence. I don’t play with the filenames.

I would appreciate any suggestions if there is something I can do to make this work, otherwise, I’m going to try to make manual stem exports if I need to (time consuming, but I don’t see what choice I have).

“I’m pretty sure the point of stem exports is to include any effects and processing on that buss”

those busses


bug reports go here

I am aware that this is old and that it should have been put in the bug tracker but I’d like to know if other people have experienced this?
My stem exports also have no effects on them which is very frustrating.

In the Stem Export dialogue, at the top of the ‘Channels’ tab, there’s a pair of radio buttons that allow you to choose whether to export the region contents or the track output. If you want the output of a track’s plugins in the exported stems, this needs to be set to ‘track output’ - I think it’s set to ‘region contents’ by default.

If that doesn’t work, then yes, it’s a bug and should be reported like veda_sticks says.

I’ve tried both and neither exports plugins. I’ll report a bug. Just want to get some consenus on whether other people have this problem as not as many people check the bug tracker