export session does not run hardware inserts

I have an 8/8 interface that I can dedicate to the use of hardware inserts.

In a project I’ve set up an insert on my mixdown track so that I can run the channel through some outboard mastering gear.

When playing back, it works great, I can use the real hardware as an insert on my mix channel. However, I find that when I want to export my master, the export process happens in non-realtime, skipping completely the processing through my hardware inserts. This is not the desired result.

It seems that I have to record my master back in as yet another channel and then export that if I want a hardware-mastered master.

Is there a way I can get the export function to run in real time through my hardware interface ?

@dougal2: since export runs faster than realtime, you cannot possibly use external h/w during an export.

We have added realtime export to ardour3 already.

Would you consider back-porting that feature to 2.x ?

As an aside, where can I find some info on Ardour3? Is there a roadmap or ETA ?

@dougal2: no, this will not be backported. export in ardour3 is a vastly more sophisticated implementation (e.g. you can export to multiple formats simultaneously).

There’s no roadmap or ETA for a3. I wanted to have an alpha release out by Jan 1st, but we’ve run into some pretty nasty roadblocks. You are advised to join the ardour-cvs mailing list to see what is going on, but this won’t indicate how close we are to a release. Its our policy to not comment on release plans - we are not in the “business” of marketing vaporware.

Roadmap is MIDI support, ETA is when its done;) Not to much more details than that right now. If you search ardour.org you will find an article or two that were at one time on the front page discussing upcoming developments, but you will not find an ETA.


That’s fine, it not really a blocking feature by any stretch of the imagination. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to trying the new version when it is ready.