Export selection by region


I am trying to clean up a recording of live musical performance that was given to me as seamless individual tracks. I have a session set up that get me the output I need, however I am having trouble exporting the new tracks.

Ideally there would be a way to export by region, but the export by region function seems to only export that audio track output instead of the main output, which is what I need. Is there a way to export session selection, but get ardour easily select a amount equal to a desired region without zooming in all the way?



Select the regions you want, right click on them and select Create Multiple Ranges. Then Export range markers to multiple audio files, renaming the ranges first as desired as they will be the file names(You will need to right click on the rulers section and make the ranges ruler visible in order to see the ranges collected).


Side question, where are you working out of curiosity? Not to many theater folks around here.

Thanks so much for the help. As to your question I am currently in grad school in Boston (actually for lighting design), though I still do some sound design when not in school. Since I was in undergrad I have been from Fort Myers, FL, thru DC, and now Boston. You?


Currently I am teaching theatrical sound design in Richmond VA, though that is more filling in for a friend while he is taking a break for medical reasons. I haven’t worked to much in theater in the past few years, doing more consulting, freelancing in sound, and working full time at a church now.


also theater sound and music performer / composer… in production, first show in 3 days :slight_smile:
and also trying to export many regions in different tracks as clips (single files), no need to pass thru master bus, but when I select all, I go to region => export selected, it jonly exports the last selected. How to export all 100 in one shot??

you can’t do that (easily) in the current release version of ardour.

I have 380…

yes, 3.5.380 is the current release version. you will not be able to do this in any 3.5.X release.


If using Ardour for this, you should seperate the SFX/Music you want to export on the timeline, so each SFX/Music is on a different area of the timeline. Then define a range for each SFX via the Range Timeline, and you can Export All Ranges. This is my preferred way to handle this. You can export stems if all you want is individual tracks as well, but it doesn’t sound like that is what you want, not sure if you could export stems of just the busses, if for instance you routed all your music through a bus individually each, would have to look into that.


I use ardour 4.7 and simply try to cut 32 tracks, which contains a few Versions of a Song, into pieces with each song in 32 regions. Than I want to export all regions of a song into 32 audiofiles. But
this seems impossible. I select all regions belonging to a song and try “session->export audiofiles”, but ardour crashes all time. Any suggestions.

addendum: After restarting my laptop and starting anew. I did “menu> Region > Ranges” and choose “Add Range Marker Per Region”. then I did menu > Session > Export" and choose "Export to Audio File(s). Then in Timespan I selected all but session. Then I selected all channels except Master. Because I want all 32 audiosamples each in an W64 audio file i choose “split to mono files”.
Then I exported. After while I had 32 audio files with correct names, but every audio file contained the same Mono downmix. When I tried to increase the no. of channels I could only use up to 20.
When I tried this I saw a matrix with 20 numbers where I can choose for every number “out1” or “none”. When I distribute the original regions in the order ch1 to no.1, ch2 to no.2, ch3 to no.3 and so on, I create for every original region 20 audiofiles with 1 audiofile containing the region i wanted and the rest containing nothing. And the 12 remaining regions i can not select otherwise they would be mixed in one of the other regions.
I really have no clue what all of this is supposed to be. I cannot be so hard, to simply export some cut audiofiles?

The current release of Ardour is 5.12. 4.7 is so old as to be almost unsupported. Please upgrade to a more current version, where you will likely find the problem fixed.

Also, it is generally a bad idea to restart 3 year old forum threads.

@paul: You’re absolutely right, I’m not used to forums or blogs, so I got lost. Later i posted my problems to the forum and got an answer from colinf. As i mentioned in the other post, at the moment I can’t see an advantage to upgrade.
But anyway, I will try to post next time more topical.

The approach that you have tried would have worked in Ardour 5.12.
There was a bug for dedicated channel multi-channel export, I don’t remember when it was fixed, but it was during the 5.x development cycle.
Anyway, as Colin answered, you really want to use stem export for the case at hand.

PS. There were over 1000 bug fixes (incl some nasty crashing ones) and countless optimizations since Ardour 4.7. You may not see an advantage to upgrade, while I on the other hand cannot in good conscience recommend to use or remain on 4.7. YMMV.

@paul, @x42: Ok guys, I’m going to try the new Version. Thank you for your help.