Export project with external effects


I’m trying to export a project that makes use of an external reverb unit, but it does not seem to be including the reverb on the file that is produced.

I’m not totally sure I have everything hooked up properly, but it appears to be working correctly during normal playback. I created a bus and then added a pre-fader insert that connects out to the reverb unit. For each track that uses reverb, I created a post-fader send that connects to the bus. During playback I can see the levels rise on the bus and hear reverb but not during the export.

Any Ideas? Thanks!

Floppy_d: ardour 3 should give you a warning about that. The normal export process is faster-than-realtime, and so it is absolutely impossible for an external FX unit to be used. External (port) sends/returns are disabled, therefore.

You need to bounce things down before you can use faster-than-realtime export (possibly just by recording back to a new track in Ardour, and then exporting only that track).

I made an extra stereo track and then connected the master outs to the inputs on the new track in qjackctl. Seems to be working. Thanks!

Maybe this should be a future feature to be added, that if there are any inserts that are external then processing should be done in realtime. Or an option to expert in realtime so you can mix “live”

No, this would be absolute nonsense. If you want to perform something live and keep it, record it. That’s what Ardour is made for…