Export Problem


I got a problem when I want to export the song to file. When I try to export my song to wav or flac the file wont play after export. I tried different players but dont play.

I tried everything in the export menu with no luck.

I use a PreSonus AudioBox iTwo with Alsa but I got the same problem when I use it with Jack.

Recording and mix works absolutely fine.

Any Idea?

I once had the problem, but it was totally my fault. Can’t recall the details, but it was something with the checkboxes in the ‘Channels’ card in the ‘Export’ window - it could be that I’ve connected a Bus to the system player, and tried to export Master with silence. Don’t ask me why :stuck_out_tongue: Try to open it ie. in Audacity and check the waveform.
The other thing: I have to switch the Jack off before trying to open a file in an external program, here: Deadbeef. I didn’t have the energy and patience and knowledge to connect Deadbeef to Jack on my system;P Maybe that’s what you need to do, to stop Jack before playing back the file?
And if the problem is in the Ardour itself, I can’t help. Nothing like that has ever taken place on my PC.


okay it was my fault I have to quit Ardour to play the file! :slight_smile:

solved! :slight_smile:

Since Ardour 4.0 it’s not necessary to quit it before playing the file in external program. You can open and start Jack (qjackctl) before running Ardour, then connect Ardour to it. Then, if you want to play the music in a program that is not connected to Jack, it’s only necessary to stop Jack; of course Ardour tells you that it can no longer work in that case, but you don’t have to quit it completely. Then you play the file in any player, and then all you have to do is start Jack again AND connect Ardour to it (Menu Window=>Audio/MIDI Setup=>Apply - right next to the red ‘Inactive’ status; when it changes to green ‘Active’, hit OK and it’s done)

@ototto: This was possible in all released versions of Ardour, actually :slight_smile:

Thank you for clarification. But hmmm… That’s odd. Ardour 3.x crashed every time I stopped Jack. It was obvious to me that Ardour simply required Jack to keep working. Anyway, everything’s fine now :]


I have continued using A4 with Jack because I like Jack ;-). To listen to exported files without having to stop Jack I use Audacious ( http://audacious-media-player.org/ ) and connect it also to Jack (not to ALSA or PulseAudio).