Export problem

I’m writing you 'cause i’ve a problem exporting some tracks in wav format. I’ve recorded two tracks in a ardour file, the wave forms are shown in the editor, if I try to play them everything is okay, but if I try to export the tracks with File/Export using wav 24 bit 48000 hz the exported file has no audio, once I play it it has the right length, the play flows but I can hear no sound. I’ve made several other ardour files and with everyone of them i do export well with no problems…what could it be?

thank you in advance

On the export dialog, did you make sure you had the boxes checked for your master bus or your individual tracks set to your left and/or right channels? If you don’t check any of those boxes, the wav file will be the right length but silent like you described. I can’t think of any other reasons this might happen, unless your media player is unable to play back a 24 bit 48000hz wav file, although I’m assuming it can, because you said “play flows, but I can hear no sound.”