export multiple regions

I use ardour 4.7 and simply try to cut 32 tracks, which contain a few Versions of a Song, into pieces with each song in 32 regions. Than I want to export all regions of a song into 32 audiofiles. But
this seems impossible.

I did “menu> Region > Ranges” and choose “Add Range Marker Per Region”. then I did menu > Session > Export" and choose "Export to Audio File(s). Then in Timespan I selected all but session. Then I selected all channels except Master. Because I want all 32 audiosamples each in an W64 audio file i choose “split to mono files”.
Then I exported. After while I had 32 audio files with correct names, but every audio file contained the same Mono downmix. When I tried to increase the no. of channels I could only use up to 20.
When I tried this I saw a matrix with 20 numbers where I can choose for every number “out1” or “none”. When I distribute the original regions in the order ch1 to no.1, ch2 to no.2, ch3 to no.3 and so on, I create for every original region 20 audiofiles with 1 audiofile containing the region i wanted and the rest containing nothing. And the 12 remaining regions i can not select otherwise they would be mixed in one of the other regions.
I really have no clue what all of this is supposed to be. I cannot be so hard, to simply export some cut audiofiles?

To export individual tracks to their own audio files, you want “Session > Stem Export…”. See http://manual.ardour.org/exporting/export-dialog/

Also, as Paul said in the other thread, you really ought to upgrade to a newer version of Ardour. 5.12 is the latest release: you can get it here: https://community.ardour.org/download

@colinf: Thank you, you saved my day. It worked. The actual problem is that I used Ardour (with Linux) to record 32 Track with a Behringer X32. With the adjustable key commands I could use a remote, to record (and stop, and so on) while singing myself.(Pretty convenient). But the guy who will revise the recordings, uses Cubase. That is why I have to export those regions.
Well, I would upgrade, but I can’t see no advantage. As a matter of fact I am not convinced yet to keep working with ardour. Usually I am not a total dope with using Software, but with ardour for every little step I have to search for an answer. And when I find solution, it may or may not be the current one. But just right now I see the advantage of a community…
Thanks again