Export multiple clips or regions

Hi, is it possible to export multiple regions or clips at once?
And maybe set naming options like “regionname_trackname_clipname_time”?

Isn’t this possible (with rendered effects)? I can’t find any workaround. :frowning:

this seems confused. regions and clips … ardour has only 1 concept … named “regions”. Regions don’t belong to tracks, their occur in them (but can be copied elsewhere).

Sorry, I was confused by using multiple DAW with its own dictionary.
I meant range, not region. And Clip is meant to be a region.

Ah, great. Thanks. Exaclty what I wanted.
Is this just possible in real time?
Is there a way to do the same for the audio regions? There seems to be no option in export menu or by selecting multiple audio regions with right click and “export”.

This would be a great option for voice over recording.

Has there been found any solution yet? I am stuck in the same situation.
I have a lot of regions on one track. Each region is an audio that I want to export seperately with is “region” name.
How do I achieve that? I can’t find a way to select a region and create a new range with exact IN and OUT points.

You could probably tweak the “Bounce & Replace” Lua script to get what you want: ardour/bounce_replace.lua at master · Ardour/ardour · GitHub

Thank you for your reply,
I have found the built in function under “Region” → “Ranges” → “Add range marker per region” to get what I need. Now I can use the export option to export ranges by name.

I first misunderstood the two funtions and thought they would just add one marker. Because at first I just searched for a function for one region and for that it says “Add single range marker”. That confused me.
Honestly I don’t understand why there are both options as you can determine by selection how many ranges you want to create.

thank you

To clarify the two options: if there’s more than one region selected, “Add Single Range Marker” will create one range that spans from the beginning of the first selected region to the end of the last, whereas “Add Range Marker Per Region” will create as many ranges as there are regions selected. There are uses for both behaviours.

Hi Colinf,
thanks for the clarification. This makes sense.

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