Export in flac format

Hi all,

in Ardour 6.9.0 (a project of MIDI tracks only) I can’t export audio in FLAC format.
It gives me this error:

 [ERROR]:  Exception thrown by AudioGrapher::SndfileWriter<int>: Could create output file (/home/Documents/Test/export/session.flac)

What is the problem?
[Ardour 6.9.0,Ubuntu 22.04)


Does it work if you try to export to a different location?

Hi, I tried but it always gives me the same error.


Is “Documents” your user name or did you remove your user name from the log ?

Yes, I removed it, sorry. :grin:
But I tried with various paths, that’s not the problem.

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Can you export to wav?
If that’s the case then maybe you don’t have flac installed and need to do sudo apt install flac first

There’s also the possibility that Ubuntu screwed up in their packaging of Ardour, and 6.9 is quite old, so you should try the official 7.3 binary and see if that works.

Yes, I export in wav format without problems. Flac is already installed (6:1.3.3-1kxstudio2),
but I can’t export in flac format.

Thank you.

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