Export/import session. my suggest for the developers


i’m always happy that a GOOD, RELIABLE & MIGHTY program called ardour exists.
I thank all developers for their work to get developing done, thank you all !!!

I recently did the following workflow:

Recorded a music session in whole (~ 2 hours , 6 tracks).
[I do this because i found out that being musician AND recording engineer at the same time isn’t easy … indeed ! After having made mistakes like NOT starting recording, missing tracks (because no recording enabled) i recently choosed to go an easy/hard way, recording anything without any pause. ]
Afterwoods (maybe day(s) after recording) my task is to split the session into songs that were played.
Working with 2 hours of material is kind of too confusing …

The way i do this is to create a region containing useful music export this via “export stems” create a new session and reimport the exported tracks.

Wouldn’'t it be easier (and useful for many users) to create a (menu)task which does this at once ?

Should not be too hard to take the “export stems” and add a configuration dialog (after the export dialog is done) which would define session name, directory (and other useful parameters, if necessary).

After that (export) the “create new session” process could be parametrized directly with necessary parameters of the session, where the tracks came from (because every session parameter will and should be the same as before). If the new session will be opened directly or not could be a useful parameter …

Hope i described my suggestion in an understandable way …
anyway i hope too this will lead to a good discussion.

Thanks and stay healthy everywhere


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