Export/Import Playlists?

Hi team, I’d like to run a workflow question by you.

  1. I have a desktop PC in my home studio. I create a session, start recording some instruments, keyboards, drums etc.

  2. There’s an instrument or some vocals I can’t record here but need to go record somewhere else. For that I have a laptop also running Ardour. Since I don’t need ALL the content that’s in the session on my desktop, I just export a backing track from the Desktop and load that one single file in a new empty session on the laptop for the singer/instrumentalist to play over.

  3. I record multiple takes on the laptop. That ends up being multiple regions/layers on a playlist (that I can use for comping)

Question: Is there a way to export that Playlist from my laptop session so I can use it in my main Session on the Desktop ?

The way I proceed right now is I just copy the full laptop session on the desktop, open it in Ardour, do the comping I need to do, export a Stem and load that in my main session.

It would be ideal if I could do that comping and have all the original sources in my main Desktop session.

Any tips ?

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There is no builtin way to do this at this time (March 2022). In theory it could be done by hand-editing the XML files, but for this particular operation, that would be very complex.

Thanks Paul,
I looked at the XML structure, considering hand editing, but indeed found it a bit too error-prone…
That’s ok, I can live without :wink:
If I find the time, I’ll put together something to do it programmatically …

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