Export every track as .wav

Hello everybody,

i would like to recomment this feature. It would be great if i could record a session with i.e. 16 tracks and the whole session could be exported track by track with starting from zero seconds to the end of the whole session - so that someone else could just import the .wavs and work with it, without having to use ardour or konowing their positions in the session.

I mean i love ardour but not everyone i know who works with music has got a linux machine …


This is already possible. Go to Session > Export > Export Session as audio file (I think; I’m away from an Ardour box ATM). Choose whether you need a mono or stereo file, untick the master outouts, go to ‘specific tracks’ and tick the first track you want to export. Name the file, bounce, and repeat for the next track. The repetition is the problem here, but AFAIK the new export in Ardour3 fixes that.

I should had mention without repitition :wink:
If one has a lot of tracks it gets a bit boring exporting the tracks to .wav :wink:

But nevertheless thank you
and i am looking forward to 3.0 :slight_smile:

There’s another option that might be less painful: Open another Ardour instance, add one track for each track you want to export from your song. Then connect all the outputs from the original Ardour instance to the new mixdown tracks using jack (QJackCtrl). Enable record for all the mixdown tracks and go. The wav files recorded are saved in the song folder under “exchange” so it’s just to copy them from there.

Actually on a second thought you don’t need to start a new instance of Ardour, just add the mixdown tracks to your first instance.

OK, granted this is not without pain, but at least you can save your setup (in jack you can save the “session”) so that next time you want to export it’s faster.

Here’s another potential workaround:

Use the Range tool to select a range across all the tracks, from the Start to the End marker. Right-click on the range, and choose “consolidate range”. (you can then click “undo” to recover your non-consolidated version)

Now navigate your file browser to the interchange->audiofiles folder, and sort for the newest-created 16 wav files in the session.

You can change Options->file format before the operation to choose the file format and bit-depth of the consolidated files.

Hope this helps!