Export distortion

I have a 6 minute voice recorded. It plays fine on Ardour, but every time I export it the voice is badly distorted and becomes a much lower voice. It happens with every configuration possible, WAV, FLAC, MP3, Real time or not. When hearing it on Ardour’s window after the export it sounds fine, outside of it it’s distorted on every player and device. Please help!

Can you post the file anywhere to download and check? That sounds like it could be a mismatch between the sample rate in the file header and the actual hardware rate.
I don’t remember how Ardour flags a mismatch when using the ALSA backend (is this on Linux, Windows, or Apple?), but using jackd in the past, if the request sample rate was not supported by the hardware the closest available would be used, and you only saw that in the log output, there was no prominent warning message.

What hardware are you using for the recording, and what settings?

You were right, I had set both the interface and the project at 41Hz but for some reason Ardour recorded @ 48000 with the project @ 41. I’ve tried to set it right on Ardour but it was bugging, I’ve ended up downloading another software and now I’m good to go. Thank you!

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