Export channels

When I want to export a multichannel track or a bus the number in the Export dialog box does not allow me to type anything beyond 20.
Since the Master is also limited to 24, is there another way to render a file ?

Hello, sorry for others but i may give it in french as roger pierre sounds french, easier atm, maybe translate it back later.

Pour exporter des pistes separees il faut selectionner les pistes voulues puis choisir exporter des fragments dans le menu export. J espere avoir pu aider :wink:

Was irelevant blah blah blah about stem export:)

Thanks, but my problem is not to export tracks but to set the appropriate channel number, since in every case, tracks or busses, it seems that I cannot select more than 20.

Sorry for the mistake :wink:

You want to export a single wav file with 20+ channels? What system are you playing it back on?

Well something line this :slight_smile:

Track menu option

Domes, acousmoniums and other ones… (the “Cube” at the Virginia Tech has 128 channels).
I am used to work with 64 channels with Reaper, but it is a limit for some projects :wink:
So since Ardour has no such one, I whish I could use it alternatively.

Otherwise, I am involved in spatial sound in general, and standard formats like 22.2 or ambisonics also need a lot.

Oh I see, it’s for a special system. Hopefully it’s just an arbitrary software limit and can be changed fairly easily. You should open a feature request if you haven’t already.

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