Export channels in mono ... again (workaround and whishes)

Hello everyone,

i know this topic has some history here but unfortunately not with the result that fits my needs.

My need:
I want to be able to export channels with track plugin processing in mono when the track is mono.

Afaik mono exports only work when track processing is disabled. When enabled the export creates stereo files. Splitting them to mono and remove the unwanted second channel is not an option because of amounts of channels.

What should work but doesn’t:
I can consolidate with processing enabled which creates mono files in the interchange folder. But filenames are used from the playlist name, not the channel name which leads to issues that makes this not workable for my need.

Selecting ranges in each track and right-click bounce with processing results in one file that merges all channels together instead of bouncing each track as seperate files. Maybe that is an issue in my settings but didn’t find it in my research. Selecting and bouncing each channel seperatly by hand may work but is not really an option because of the amount of channels.

My workaround
To get my mono channel exports i need to consolidate every channel with processing enabled, then stem export these channels without processing enabled. Voila, mono channel export with processing.

Thoughts and wishes
This is not really a perfect workaround because i have to do the extra consolidate step and i create an extra file (the consolidated in the interchange folder) for each channel.

From my point of view there shouldn’t be a technical reason that prohibits the direct mono export since the consolidation with processing is just that only without setting export parameters.

Alternatively i would be happy if the consolidation used channel names and not playlist names for file naming but didn’t found a setting in the preferences for that.

I guess this could be done via a Lua script but i would also need some help to get this going.

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