Export audio mix from kdenlive

Hello !

I’m editing a webserie with a friend who is a sound technician and we are trying to do it using only open source softwares. The editing is being done on kdenlive but we are facing a serious problem.

Does anyone know if there is anyway to export the audio mix from a kdenlive project to a file format equivalent to the omf or aaf and open it in Ardour ?

I’ve seen some solution with stem export but it’s not very clear how to do it and from what I understand it can only be done track by track which is a real post-production nightmare.

Thanks in advance for helping !

You will not have much luck with kdenlive, it’s just not designed for that type of a workflow. You might consider trying Shotcut. It supports JACK IO as well as JACK transport. It uses the same MLT backend as kdenlive.

no chance to export audio from kdenlive other than stems. Last time i tried this went for all the linux NLEs . shotcut looked promising, but from there you also wont get omf aaf or anything ardour can later import. what works , but is not open source , is lightworks. it s latest version 14.5 is very powerful and stable and runs well on linux. there you have omf aaf export etc…