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Hallo Zusammen,

ich habe eine Sprachaufnahme mit Ardour gemacht und diese nun editiert.

Nun soll ein guter Freund von mir dazu eine Musik schreiben. Er benutzt Logic und benötigt meine final editierte Sprachaufnahme als Audio-File zum Import.

Was nun? Ich kenne aus meinen alten Tagen, in denen ich noch mit ProTools 5 gearbeitet habe, die Funktion “bounce to disc”. Wo finde ich das in Ardour?

Welches Format übergebe ich am besten? wave-files?

Bitte um Eure Unterstützung.

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Hello everybody,

I made a voice recording with Ardor and now edited it.

Now a good friend of mine is supposed to write music about it. He uses Logic and needs my final edited voice recording as an audio file for import.

What now? I know the “bounce to disc” function from my old days when I was still working with ProTools 5. Where can I find this in Ardor?

Which format is best to transfer? wave files?

Ask for your support.

In your use case I would just do Session>Export Session to Audiofile

There are a couple of other ways to handle it, but this is probably the simplest and seems to do what you want, it is the standard way of exporting a session to an audio file when complete.


In Ardour that’s called exporting. See https://manual.ardour.org/exporting/.

The dialog might be a bit intimidating at first, but it’s really flexible and lets you define custom output formats and export to various formats in one go.

Ardour internally handles audio as 32bit float data, so for best quality, choose a format like BWAV 32bit float or 24bit. Here is a list of the formats Logic Pro can use: https://support.apple.com/de-at/guide/logicpro/lgcp32add66e/mac

You can export the whole session to one audio file, or all or selected tracks to different files in one go, from the according “File->Export” submenu. Or choose any range or region from right clicking the markers or the region and finding the export function in the according context menu.

Thank you bouth! :slight_smile:

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