Export all MIDI tracks to a single file

Sometimes I like to record/compose in Ardour (since it is quick to capture and edit ideas), but need to create sheet music after.

Rather than writing the music notation from scratch, I would like to reuse the MIDI data in Ardour as a starting point. To this end, I created a short script that exports all the MIDI data into a single file that you can, in turn, import into your favorite notation software.

The script is run from the command line, so it may not be very user friendly unless you are already used to that. Also the script is experimental at this stage (I’ve done only a little testing). I’m sharing at an early stage in case it is useful for others. Feedback welcome.


I release an updated version 0.2 today. It now supports tracks with multiple regions (but regions must not overlap). For best results, quantize in Ardour before exporting the MIDI.