export a range?

My band recorded our last rehearsal onto four tracks, so I’ve got one very long 4-track recording. What I want to do is to separate the songs we’ve recorded out into separate files afterwards, but I can’t figure out how to do this with ardour. I’ve tried using export range to audiofile but even though I’ve set the ranges, it tells me no range is selected, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what it wants me to do to select it. Anyway, that’s not even what I want; what I really want is to be able to select a range and export all four tracks into a new session, or at least to be able to “crop” the current session down to just that range, and then do some processing from that point on those tracks.

I imagine there’s an obvious way to do this and I’m just missing it, can someone fill me in?

hi there

use the range tool and make a range as you can see here:


but b4 you do so, save your session because it’s likely it’ll crash after the export is finished.

as you can export specific tracks of a range, you can export a part of your existing session.