Export a Range with fadeout

Can I use Fadeout with a Range that I export to a file? Here is what I tried. It did not fade out but ended abruptly.

I put all tracks into a group. I created a range with the range tool that highlights all the regions in those tracks that I want to export. I selected the range and then Fade from the Edit menu. A little box appears that I tried moving it to the right of my range. My exported song does not fade out. It ends abruptly. I tried using Ctrl-\ to adjust the fadeout time but that didn’t seem to do anything.

Is there a way to do this without creating a region for each track?

The Edit menu’s “fade” entry is for fades at the beginning and end of a region. You can’t put fades on the beginning and end of a Range.
There are lots of ways to get the fades you want:

  • If you are exporting the mix (i.e. not a stem export), you could use automation on the master fader
  • Another approach would be to export without the fades and then add the fade in and out afterwards, either by re-importing into another Ardour project or possibly with a simple tool like Audacity.
  • You could save your project as a snapshot, then in the snapshot, split the regions where you want the exported sections to start and finish, and use region fades. You original project will remain unchanged.

I agree with anahata. I used to do option 2 (fade with Audacity), but find that option 1 (automation with master fader) is more flexible since its part of the Ardour project and can be changed later. With a little practice its pretty easy to draw quasi-bell curves for fadeouts. Probably a way to auto-generate the curves that I just don’t know about.

Automation on the Master track worked. Thanks. So glad I didn’t have to cut all the tracks into regions.
From tutorial: http://en.flossmanuals.net/ardour/ch044_using-automation/
“Play mode will apply the existing Automation data during playback.” Worked as described.
“Manual mode tells Ardour to ignore Automation data during playback.” My gain was still off when I switched back to Manual. Did I miss something here? Used version 4.0.rc1-dbg

What do you mean ‘your gain was still off’ ?


I see now what happened. The volume on the master fader did not come back up to it’s previous position when I switched from Play mode to Manual. It stayed where it was at the end of my gain reduction. I’ll make a note.

Exported CD files have blips, quick droupouts. I don’t hear those when I play the tracks in Ardour itself. I did not have anything else running when I did the export. I exported to 16 bit CD format and then listened to the result using both Ardour and Audacious on Ubuntu Studio. Ardour version 4.0.rc1-dbg


Definitely jump on IRC and see if you can reproduce this with the devs.

Read here for a good reference…

But in this case I would recommend working with devs on IRC to fix this issue for you.


Intstalled rc2 and cpufreq. New file export sounds good and volume normalization sounds like it’s working now. I’ll try it on the rest of the songs.