Export a file containing markers only

A friend and I are collaborating on a few pieces together and I started by noting some recordings with markers. I did it kinda like Soundcloud, where you would just write stuff like “this is amazing”, “there’s a crackle in the recording here”, “bass too loud” and so on at the corresponding time points of the recordings.

So, now I have my markers with my comments and I am looking for a way to export them. They don’t need to be importable or anything. It would just be great to have a file sort of like

[00:10:02] This is amazing
[01:23:03] There’s a crackle in the recording here
[04:44:32] Bass too loud

and so on… Is there a way to achieve this?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Ah, I think I found a possible way to do it. I found that in the project.ardour file there is a section with all the markers in it. They are noted in xml(?) and with sample time as the location but I think I can get a programmer friend to quickly extract the messages with the corresponding Minute:Second timecodes next to it (samples/44.1(kHz)/60(s)). I am not a programmer but this looks doable.

That would likely be my recommendation to be honest. It wouldn’t be difficult to code, and most of it could probably be accomplished with a simple sed script. The only real programming would likely be converting the sample values into timecode. The rest is just filtering and formatting.


Well grep and sed sorry:)