Experimental death metal mix

Whipped this up last night while I had insomnia…no wonder I can’t sleep.


The main riff has a good hook to it, or should I say ice pick.

Great, now I’m not going to be able to sleep for weeks either… :slight_smile: And I must say, this is exactly the type of music they invented the .wav.mp3 audio format for. No single audio format on its own could ever contain such an intense quantity of hard rock’n. Well done!

Hehe, very cool piece of music!
The end reminds of some Buckethead stuff (“I cut off his head” with some random noise in the background).

And yes, eventually the real purpose of the mysterious .wav.mp3 format has been revealed :wink:


That sample at the end is actually from a film called “The Ninth Configuration” and it’s absolutely great. Thanks for the positive feedback…I will have some better stuff (not hacked) up soon. Also if any ardour using metal heads want to collaborate on some tracks let me know.

OH the .wav.mp3 thing…seems lame uses strict naming meaning test.wav = test.wav.mp3

Cool tune, I’m also into metal, lest extreme than your stile but we could may join forces to rock the free world >:)

you can check out my first demo here: