Experiences with Contour ShuttleXpress?

So, my creativity has dwindled a bit lately, and, as we all know, the best remedy for that condition is to get some new DAW peripherals. Before I invest in a new creativity sparking gadget, however, I just thought I’d ask if any fellow Ardour 6.x user has had any experience, good or bad, with the Contour ShuttleXpress in Linux?

I don’t know about the black, but thanks to Johannes Müller Ardour has native support for contourdesign devices on all platforms (incl. Linux). The following devices are explicitly supported by the control-surface:

  • ShuttlePRO
  • ShuttlePRO v2
  • ShuttleXpress

I do not have first hand experience with the controller, someone else may chime in.

PS. On GNU/Linux you have to grant your user (or the audio-group access to the device): https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/blob/master/tools/udev/99-counterdesign.rules

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