Expand Track/Bus Headers Horizontally? (Ardour 6.9.0)

Maybe the solution is obvious, but is there a way to expand the “header” portion of tracks and buses horizontally? It would be nice to expand all of them horizontally with the click and slide of a cursor so I can easily see all track names in full.

Thanks for any info.!

No real way to do that, but there is an alternative, which is to drag the Editor List on the right hand side out to allow you to see full track names.

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Yes, it does! I suppose that is a good enough alternative.
I will also just keep my track and bus names as short as possible.

While not exactly what you asked for, there is setting “Track name ellipsize mode” under Preferences → Editor. So you can choose which part of the track name is hidden in the header. You seem to have it set to “Ellipsize end of name” but it can be changed to show other parts of the track name (which are often more important).

Not sure if it was available in 6.x, though.


Yes, I am aware of this option, and it is included in Ardour 6 (-6.9.0 at least).
Thanks for the reminder, though! It certainly can help in some cases.

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