Expand by default the "Advanced settings" menu on login

Since Ardour version 7, in order to access the audio calibration section at login, it is necessary to expand the “advanced settings” section.
Would it be possible to have the “advanced settings” section expanded by default (like the “hardware monitoring” section) for faster access to audio calibration?

PS I’m testing the new version 8, great job!!! Congrats and thanks!!!

I second that!

(Or maybe remember the last used state…?)

We remember the last recorded data. The state of the dialog is not that important.

These are rarely used features, and this dialog is already intimidating enough to newer users. Expanding the default-visible elements of the dialog to save two clicks for something you need only perform once per session, and for many people, once per audio interface, doesn’t seem to make much sense.


Hi Paul, thanks for your advice!

I made it a habit a long time ago to rescan/reset the latency for each recording session (in postproduction I don’t care) due to the ever-changing values with USB interfaces…

So probably I should let go of this habit and trust/stick to some average value…?

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