Exempt midi track from obeying the tempo map

I wondered if it was possible to sort of lock a midi track so that when you adjust the tempo map the midi notes stay where they are instead of snapping to the new tempo map.

Here’s my use case:

I’m creating a flexible tempo map for a piece I’m working on. I’ve sung the whole piece in and simultaneously made a click track by having a midi drum track and triggering a snap sound using an outboard controller. I’d like to be able to use the midi notes to visually go through and line up the beats with the hits that I created as I sang but of course if I drag the tempo map the all those hits re-adjust themselves meaning they’re no longer in the right places.

Obviously there are work arounds - I can just bounce the track to audio and do it off that but I thought I’d ask.

Thanks in advance


You can’t exempt a track.

However, please watch this video (it is about Mixbus, but Ardour and Mixbus are identical in in this domain):

Thanks Paul. I must say I may be in actual love with the tempo mapping features. I reckon it saved me about four hours of work yesterday making a midi file of an organ accompaniment sound more human ready for use as a backing track with a choir.

I’ve now watched it and yes I’d noticed the grid tool. You probably didn’t notice - I made a video about tempo mapping but I hadn’t noticed it by that time. I might do another one. I’m mainly in classical circles and I’ve mentioned the tempo mapping functions to a few colleagues so maybe I’ll do another video once I’ve masterd it a bit better.

There is one thing that behaves differently for me - I’m not seeing the change of mouse head over the bar line and I’m unable to quickly make what he calls a guard marker in the same way as he is diong.

Wait. Now I am seeing it - definitely wasn’t a moment ago though

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