Exclusive arm track for recording

Is there a manner in which one can arm a track and disarm all other tracks in the same way that hitting Ctrl+Alt while clicking on the Solo button removes Soloing from all other tracks?

I have scoured the preferences and the internet and can’t seem to figure out a way to make this happen. Is this a problem with my system not registering the shortcut? I can’t imagine why it would function differently than Solo.

I’m on Linux.


No such shortcut or action exists.

In the context in which Ardour was developed, such an operation is very unusual. For those using it with two channel audio interfaces, I can see why it might be useful.

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I appreciate the response, and thanks for bringing this software into reality.

It’s not for lack of inputs but that my workflow is such that I compose and record simultaneously. I build one track at a time within the DAW. I have a large set of MIDI and Audio tracks, and I am often going back and recording new takes.

In Ableton, the default is actually to have a single track recording at once, and if I want to arm multiple tracks, I would hit ctrl while clicking Record. For me and my approach, this felt very intuitive. In Ardour, I find myself accidentally recording onto multiple tracks

I recognize it’s your call and this probably isn’t a high priority. I am a developer and have been meaning to step into Ardour. If this sounds like a feature you feel is appropriate, I could look into this. It seems like the functionality is largely there already— you can already arm and disarm all tracks by holding Ctrl+Shift.

EDIT: I went ahead and created a feature request in the tracker here 0009590: Ability to exclusively arm single tracks for recording - MantisBT for anyone that finds this thread and is interested in status.


This seems like it would be pretty easy to do using a Lua script, bound to a keyboard shortcut. See the Prepare recording for podcast and Bounce+Replace Regions scripts for examples of iterating over all tracks and selected tracks in the session.


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