Does anybody know of a good exciter-plugin? I already read about how to build one manually with an extra bus, hipass-filter, and distorion, but I’m lazy… :slight_smile:



Can you hear the crowd? “We want Ardour 3! We want Ardour 3! We want Ardour 3! We want Ardour 3! We want Ardour 3! …”


it s great for hi hats! just had a try with the exciter in a parallel bus and the phase adjusted with linux dsp gt500 plugin, works really well!

LinuxDSP makes a lot of exciting plugins.

OK, I’m currently downloading all required packages to build it from source. The version in the repos is 0.0.18, I’ll build 0.0.19…

I build it with SSE-support (with the autogen option --enable-sse) Is this problematic?

Cool, building from source was very easy… Now I have an exciter. Hihats are now much more fun… :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I’m thinking of building Ardour 3 from source. I’m using beta 5 now for a long time and I’m tired of waiting for the final-binary. Any hints an that?

I’m not to lazy to build one, I’m just to lazy to add an extra bus equipped with multiple plugins to every track I want to “excite”. I’m on Fedora 17 and there is no “exciter” in the Calf-plugins installed from repos. Or I haven’t looked at it close enough. I’ll check the new calf-plugins… Thanks for the tip!