Exchange Ardour global settings and Key bindings (Linux + Windows)

While I switched to Linux completely for Mixing (and small recording setups) and Mastering, I still like to do big tracking sessions and live recordings in Windows because of added functionality of and easier access to my RME soundcard in Windows…

My question is: How can I most easily get my Linux Ardour installation and my Windows10 Ardour installation (of course same Ardour versions) to be identical in usage (global settings and key bindings)…?

Doing this by hand is very cumbersome, and keeping both environments in sync is almost impossible… A “export/import global settings” would be very handy, also after a reinstallation of Ardour or your entire system…!

Thanks a lot for your insights!

There is currently no function to do this automatically, and there are also subtle differences (e.g. soundcard settings, VST-Plugin paths, some Ctrl/Alt Keybindings, etc).

Ardour keeps its configuration in text files. You can simply copy them and/or zip them up.
(It’s safe to delete the files, but I suggest to make a backup of existing files.)

on GNU/Linux Ardour keeps its settings in $HOME/.config/ardour5/ and Windows %localappdata%\ardour5\ (regarding %localappdata% : enter that in an explorer window will redirect to a hidden folder usually: C:\User\YourUserName\AppData\Local\)

Keyboard shortcuts are saved in a file *.keys, GUI settings in ui_config and general preferences in a file config (all are XML plain-text).

Thanks a lot Robin,

I knew those paths, as they are also mentioned in the manual… But as you wrote, the files are not totally identical/exchangeable (at least config contains system specific stuff)…

Will look into it and make it work somehow for me…

Thank you very much!

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