Example project for sound design / sound track / dialogue / foley etc?

Is there available a demo/example Ardour project for audio drama, or the audio for film/video with a strong audio component? Just curious to see what kinds of organization, processing, automation etc. are used to create immersive audio environments.

I’m working on an audio drama but not involved in the sound design, which is done by someone else with ProTools primarily. But I’m thinking of carving out some scenes or even an entire episode and seeing how Ardour might work for this purpose.

Colleagues on my previous job did film post and I’ve seen their Pro Tools sessions. People tend to build their sessions according to individual tastes and if a sound engineer got sick and another needed to complete his project it took half to a full day for the other engineer to get the hang of the session routing and processing before he could start doing real work. Thats because everybodys way of building the session is different. So there is no one “correct” way of doing things.

Organising a big set of material is the key so that one does not use too much computer resources.

As for routing one need basic busses: Dialog, music, effects, foley, etc so that you can fine tune and process these elements as “packages”. These busses could be further routed busses that create stem mixes that are needed as separate audio files: Final Mix (includes everything), IT (everything but dialog), Dialog, etc.