Evergreen - Come Around


*Not sure if Mixbus stuff can be hosted here, the Mixbus forum doesn’t really have a
section like this, if you’d rather not have Mixbus productions linked here just let me know…

This is a music video of a song recorded/mixed/mastered by me using Linux
(AV Linux 2016) with Harrison Mixbus 3.1 along with some Calf and linuxDSP
Plugins. This is also the first production from our new ‘Bandshed’ studio
and will be released as part of a full EP in a month or so. The band
‘Evergreen’ is the band my son drums in and ‘Come Around’ is an original
song written by the singer.

The video was not done with Linux tools and was a school project by two
film students related to one of the other band members, kudos to them on a
great job achieved with very modest tools!

Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyXSq0Z4Ga4

Thanks, Glen

That’s a cool sound!
Seems like no one would mind mixbus stuff here, it shares a lot of plugins with ardour so a lot of tips and whatnot can go both ways.

I like the stripped, dirty sound, it’s a good fit for the song! I think I would try to saturate or excite the guitars a bit more to bring them up a bit (and/or bring the fader up), they have a good energy and personality to them too (though not quite as central as the vocals).

Maybe that’s just me though…bass, drums and vocals are all sitting pretty!