event pool out of memory

i keep getting this recurring error:


i got this with 2.4.1 ( but not earlier versions ) and it happens
with 2.5.
i compile ardour from source without any problem on debian/testing.
how do i recompile with larger size? editing source code is not a problem if that is what i need to do.

thanks in advance for any help.

regards, G.

i took a look at the issue tracking page ( issue 0002245 )
and efti reckoned he/she had traced it to “send MMC” being turned on
in Options > Sync > Send MMC.

i turned it off ( don’t need it ) and so far the problem seems to have gone away. hope this helps.

all the best, G.

I’m getting this error too, did you ever figure it out? I started getting it in 2.4.1 and then I tried upgrading to 2.5, but I think I’m getting it even more now.

For me, its happens when I open a saved file and simply try to play it. The Play and Stop buttons will rapidly flash back-and-forth, then I get the “CRITICAL: event pool…” message. It doesn’t happen every time – it seems like if I restart my computer it usually will stop. Also it will just stop randomly if I try restarting JACK and opening Ardour repeatedly. But then it’ll start up again randomly eventually.

I compiled the source myself too, and maybe I screwed something up then. Does anyone have a 64-bit deb package that they know works that I could try?

Thanks everyone.