Even more Video / Music

Hi there,

it’s me again. After some experimenting with X/Y streo mic’ing I went over to doing multitrack at the venue where I’m a volunteer at. They got a Soundcraft Impact console which is class compliant USB, so it can route its channels directly into Ardour, which is what I use with some quite old thinkpad laptop. And there’s some old Canon Camcorder running, too, and there you go: https://youtu.be/eLYvuSfw07Y

The piano was recorded via DI boxes, vocal mics are inexpensive AKG D5, behind the suitcase drum there was some bass drum mic from Shure I believe (can’t remember) and the percussion stuff was amplified and recorded using two Audio Technica AT4041 (currently my favorite condensers, can’t afford the Neumanns).

And then of course, plenty of mixing in Ardour using Voxengo Voxformer (WinVST), Harrison Lookahead Compressor, Harrison Multiband, Voxengo Elephant, X42EQ, impulse response reverbs from the famous M7. And finally, put together with the video in Lightworks, all in kxStudio 16.04.

I think I started using Ardour in 2006 or so and it is incredible how it has grown, how stable and flexible it is and finally there are enough good plugins to use – the only thing missing might be melodyne. (Given you don’t need this huge world of software synthesizers… oh btw, the outro jingle in the video was done using PianoTeq on Linux, very great sounding piano.) Thanks to all of you developers, you enable me to do things I would not be able to do otherwise.


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