Euroradio Ars Acustica Art's Birthday Party 2009

Dear All

friday 16 2009 Euroradio Ars Acustica group celebrated Art’s Birthday 2009; In my project (Radio Slovenia participation) ardour 2.7.1 was succesfully used, together with 9 symultaneous alsaplayers and multitude of busses/effects, to shape a sound event based on a live poetry reading and prerecorded ambients/music. Thank you so much - and i feel obliged to donate some money from my fee.

i’d also like to remark that despite of the fact that the system was not set up for the hardcore realtime, the results were great and (from the point of sound processing - LADSPA) of a high quality, noticed even by some “hard core analogue type” recording professionals. Not to mention the flexibility and adaptibility of the system, of course.

The overview of the Ars Acustica Art’s Birthday 2009 can be found here:

LLLA Long Live Linux Audio