Eucon Control

Can Ardour work with Eucon protocol? I was thinking the dock might be a good addition but it requires Eucon.


Thank you that is what I needed.

Can Ardour communicate with the Eucon protocol? I was thinking a Dock might be handy.

We do not support Eucon at this time. The original Eucon protocol was released under an open-source compatible license. After Avid bought them, the licensing arrangements changed and it is now hard to implement Eucon support in an open source application. Maybe not impossible but hard. It is also a rather deep protocol and someone would need to want to put in some considerable effort to implement support, even if it became possible from a licensing/IP perspective. Given that these devices are generally expensive and don’t offer much functionality for day to day use that surpasses what is possible with Mackie Control, that person might be hard to find.

Hi Paul thanks for your work
I see a lot of people waiting for eucon control maybe this could be very important for them to help for a switch to ardour
(As i’m not a PT anymore I personaly don’t care, enough of ilok and activations and crazy prices)

Eucon users might take a look at page 49 and on. Eucon surfaces consist of both hardware and a middle-ware blob (library). This middle-ware blob can (according to the above page) create midi ports and pretend to be a Mackie control surface. This would only be a solution (maybe, I haven’t tried it) for those running Ardour on macOS or Windows as I don’t think there is a version of the “blob” for Linux.